Next Job

Just a quick one today! Next Monday I start the next acting job of the year! Yay! After having a quiet start, career wise, to 2018 I am very excited to get back into the rehearsal room next Monday! I have rehearsals for three days and then I get on board the Stena Adventurer for nearly … Continue reading Next Job


Return to Valencia

As promised, here is a more detailed (and long) post about my surprise trip to Valencia. If you didn't see my last post check it out here and then come back to this post! So I landed at Valencia airport at just gone 11am which is of course the most perfect time for brunch! I had … Continue reading Return to Valencia

Fallas 2017

I don't know how I didn't realise this before, but I didn't write about Fallas! Fallas (Falles in Valencian) is a festival celebrated in Valencia in March. It is a festival of fire. Throughout all of March in the City of Valencia, and the surrounding towns hundreds of very large statues made from paper-maché, polystyrene, and … Continue reading Fallas 2017