New Job!

The last few weeks I have been feeling very anxious!

The acting industry is extremely hard and as much as I love it, it completely goes against my personality. I am generally a very organised person who enjoys stability and knowing what is happening next. Not to say I don’t enjoy spontaneity, but when it comes to important things, I like to know what is happening. So the acting industry for me can be tough because I don’t always know where my next job will be or if I will even have one! Not very secure at all…

I was very lucky after I left university, I finished with an acting degree and I knew I had a secure, part-time job in the jewellery store Goldsmiths in Milton Keynes shopping centre. I have worked in jewellery since I was 17. I started in H.Samuel when I was in Sixth Form and was there for a year. I then went to uni in Bath and in my third year when I decided I wanted a job I thought it would make sense for me to apply to jewellery stores as I had some knowledge already. I got a job in the Goldsmiths in Bath, and when I gradated I was transferred to the Milton Keynes branch. It was a very easy transfer, in that I settled in quite quickly and proved to my new manager and colleagues that I could do the job. This came in really handy when I had auditions or small jobs at short notice. The fact my manager liked me meant he allowed me to swap shifts and have time off to do the job I really wanted to do. This is something I really recommend for actors. If you find a stable job, do it well and make sure your manager and colleagues like you. This way if you need a favour, like swapping a shift, it will become easier.

Then in the June, roughly a year after I had been started in the Milton Keynes branch, I secured an acting job which meant I would have to leave Goldsmiths to tour five shows around Spain. This was so exciting to me! I would have a full time acting job! I would have enough money from acting to live, and bonus it would be in another country!!! I handed in my notice and was told (because I was liked) to let them know when I was back and if I needed a job again they would do their best to accommodate me.

I have now been in Spain since August 2015. I have been in full time acting employment since then which has been great! However, it means I haven’t experienced any instability on the job front for a long time. So, now I am coming to the end of my tour and the anxiety of ‘what’s next?’ was rearing its ugly head. I started looking around and trying to make a plan of what to do. I spoke to a friend of mine, Nathan, who has been amazing. He recommended I apply for two companies. One is a cruise/ferry company which put on family shows on board the ships, and the other is a company in Barcelona, who also do children’s theatre!

I applied to both. I sent a video audition to the cruise/ferry company and sent a cover letter asking to audition for the company in Barcelona when I am there in June visiting Nathan!

This is where my anxiety abated a little!


They liked my video audition. So come the beginning of July, I will be on board a ship doing family shows! Yay! I am unbelievably excited! The contract is a couple of months so I finish in September! A few days after I found out I got this job, I got an email saying that I should come and audition for the other company, so come June 16th, I will have my first ‘live’ audition in 2 years!

Wish me luck! 


4 thoughts on “New Job!

  1. Well as they say, “No one has ever drowned in sweat”. I’m sure that with hard work, perseverance and self-belief there is no limit to what you can achieve Joanne.

    And congrats on your new job, although I feel that the job is quite daunting. They tend to have crazy schedules, practice sessions with little time to sleep. I hope you will gel well 🙂


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