Benavente: Reina Sofía Theatre

Just a quick one today while I am getting back into the swing of staying updated on here!

This week I have had the most incredible privilege to work in an amazing theatre in a place called Benavente which is in the province of Zamora, in the north west of Spain near Portugal! It is quite a small town but the theatre itself is just stunning.

View from the stage

When I walked into the venue this morning my jaw dropped. I have worked in some absolutely lovely theatres in Spain, but this is definitely one of the top five! We have done two shows in there so far, a Tic-Tac Alice and a Ghosts. So a show for kids and a show for teenagers. We were pretty much full for both shows, so kids in the stalls and on all balconies. It was a brilliant feeling performing. We have one more show in there tomorrow, a Gulliver, and we should be full again, so I am excited for that!

The ceiling in the venue!
Standing on the stage, ready to perform Alice! 

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