Back to Ávila

I was sent back to Ávila on tour last week and had another brilliant time. I was there from Monday afternoon until Wednesday. I’ve now been to Ávila a fair few times so didn’t feel the need to go into the Cathedral again but I did walk around the walls – I didn’t realise you could actually go up and walk along the walls themselves, so this was a lovely surprise!

Anyway, I took some lovely pictures on my afternoon and evening strolls, so enjoy!

Walls of Ávila from a distance.

The full walls can be seen in the picture above. To read more about the walls, see my last post on Ávila – here.

View from when I walked on the walls.
A shop window in a plaza, it is full of traditional sweet treats.

I went on a early evening stroll on the Tuesday evening and watched the sunset which was gorgeous. Here are a few pictures from that evening!

Plaza del Mercado Chico

I saw the two figures above ‘sitting’ outside a restaurant whilst I was having a wander. I thought they were very funny. The restaurant was shut so I couldn’t see if the restaurant was themed inside as well.

I love this picture. I love that I managed to catch a bird flying past as well as the view! 
I noticed the stork in the tree as I was heading back to the hotel. I was so pleased it didn’t fly away before I got this picture! 
I love sunsets! I stood for a while waiting for the sun to disappear behind the mountains. I was happy that I managed to get the walls of Ávila in too!

I hope you enjoyed my photos, let me know in the comments below!


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