Beautiful Segovia

IMG_0561 edit.JPG
View through the aqueduct over Segovia
I love Segovia. It is simply beautiful! I was there last year very briefly (for only one day) and got to visit the cathedral. But this year I got two days there, so I got a little more time to explore.

IMG_0558 edit.JPG
The famous Roman Aqueduct of Segovia 
The Roman Aqueduct is very well preserved and, although the date isn’t definitive, it is thought to have been built during the 1st Century AD. The Aqueduct from where it originates in the mountains is 14,965 metres long, at its highest point it is 28.5 metres (including 6 metres of foundations) and it has a total of 166 arches. It became a World Heritage Site in 1985, and is one of the main sites you can visit in Segovia.

IMG_0537 edit.JPG
Segovia Cathedral
Another famous site we visited whilst in Segovia was the Cathedral. I went last year, but was happy to go in again because I remembered it being very beautiful inside. The cathedral is very large inside with very high arches and ceiling – it makes you feel very small. But the details are lovely and I would recommend a visit there.

Segovia Palace_0586 copy.JPG
The Palace of Segovia
I finally got to go into the Alcazár! I was very excited about going inside as I feel like it has been a long time coming as I couldn’t go in the first time I was in Segovia. From the outside the Palace looks like a typical ‘princess castle’ which is very enticing. And from the inside it was very rich and luxurious with stunning ceilings.

There is something about ceilings that I love. One of the first things I do when I enter a Cathedral, a Palace or some impressive building, is look up. The ceilings in the Palace were so ornate and different from room to room. I loved them all. They were incredible!

The food in Segovia is also fantastic. I felt very lucky as we were recommended a restaurant called El Sitio which serves the typical dish cochinillo. It is basically a small pig which is roasted whole in a wood oven for roughly three hours. It is very tender and delicious. We has a menu del dia in El Sitio, I had two different traditional soups to start, then the cochinillo and then a typical Segovian dessert which looked stunning on the plate and was very tasty!

I would love to hear about your adventures around Segovia if you have been, so let me know in the comments!


5 thoughts on “Beautiful Segovia

  1. The imagery is stunning. I am a sucker for ancient buildings (or at least highly stylish ones from long ago), and the pictures you shot make me want to go now. 🙂 Thanks again, Joanne.


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