More fun in Madrid

I have been to Madrid many times now (see posts here and here) but as it is so big I have been able to explore new areas and find new things in my recent travels there!

The Garden of Earthly Delights – Hieronymus Bosch (picture from Google Images)

El Prado is a famous gallery in the centre of Madrid, and it is well worth a visit! I have been three times and love it, I always find a new painting to stand in front of for a long time. I have by no means seen everything El Prado has to offer. It boasts over 8000 drawings, over 7500 paintings and 1000 sculptures. It is rather large! However, my favourite painting that I have seen there is ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights‘ by Hieronymus Bosch. It is a fabulous painting that I could look at for hours. The last time I visited El Prado before Christmas, I bought a small print of it for myself. It is such an incredible piece. Bosch apparently didn’t date his works, but it is thought that this painting was completed between 1510 and 1515.

Picasso’s Guernica (picture from Google Images)

I finally got to go The Reina Sofia which is another gallery in Madrid. I wanted to go last year but never got the chance. Again The Reina Sofia is very large, its two main collections are from Pablo Picasso and the other from Salvador Dalí. The most famous work in Sofia though is probably the Picasso’s, ‘Guernica‘. Although I thought the Guernica was very impressive, it isn’t something I particularly enjoyed looking at, as it is too violent for my taste. I did however find a painting called ‘Un Mundo‘ (A World) by Ángeles Santos which I loved. This painting is dated 1929 so it is a relatively new piece!

Un Mundo – Ángeles Santos (picture from The Reina Sofia website)

You can get into both El Prado and The Reina Sofia FREE at certain times:
El Prado is free Monday-Saturday 6pm-8pm, and free Sunday 5pm-7pm.
The Reina Sofia is free Monday-Saturday 7pm-9pm, although closed on Tuesdays, and free Sunday 1:30pm-7pm.

The Royal Palace Madrid.jpg
The Royal Palace

With Tommy and Elias, I also got to go to The Royal Palace in Madrid. You can get in for free between 4pm and 6pm, Monday-Thursday if you are a citizen of the European Union! It was truly beautiful inside and so pleased I got to go in. You weren’t allowed to take photos in most places inside but I did get one picture of the ceiling.

Royal Palace Ceiling.jpg

I also went back to Almudena Cathedral and this time managed to take a few pictures:


The next few pictures show the absolutely breathtaking ceiling. I love this ceiling and because of it, it makes this Cathedral one of my favourites in Spain!


Probably my favourite picture I took of the ceiling

We did such a typically tourist thing on the 9th of February. We hired a boat on the lake in The Retiro Park! We had a brilliant time.

Have you been to Madrid? What is your favourite thing to do there? Let me know in the comments!


24 thoughts on “More fun in Madrid

  1. Lovely city and the galleries,particular El Prado, are fascinating. Lovely city and the galleries,particular El Prado, are fascinating.


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