Evening stroll along the beach

Alicante, the Spanish destination where a lot of Brits go on holiday. I have never been there for a holiday, I’ve only been when on tour. Last year one of my favourite moments of being in Alicante was after a show chatting to some bilingual kids one of which, while leaving the venue, shouted ‘Good luck on your adventures around the world‘. It was very sweet and I found it very funny. Another moment that I found absolutely hilarious was having to translate a restaurant menu from English into Spanish for our Spanish assistant. We were in a very touristy part of Alicante so everywhere we went we heard English and saw English written down. So when our assistant (who had lived in London for two years and spoke English fluently) saw Shepherds Pie and Cottage Pie on the menu and didn’t understand we had to explain. It was priceless.

Anyway, I went to Alicante on tour again on the week of 23rd January and had a lovely time. Our hotel, Pension Arena de Alicante, was quite close to the beach, and was absolutely lovely. The room I was in had a double bed, nice bathroom, and a kettle with a selection of teabags. The only downside was the week we were there they were having problems with their wifi so I ended hotspotting my phone the majority of the time. Check out the hotel on TripAdvisor, it is rated 4* out of 5*.

Our waiter in Mish Mish took this photo, all the staff were very friendly and helpful

We also visited a couple of very nice restaurants. The first I want to mention is a very cute Tea Lounge (with a restaurant owned by the same people next door) called Mish Mish. Javi (our assistant for the week), Tommy and I wanted something light for dinner as we had, had a big lunch so we were wandering around when I spotted Mish Mish. We walked into the Tea Lounge and knew instantly we had come to the right place. The decor was right up my street and the lounge had comfy looking sofas, pillows and blankets. I felt right at home. The waiter told us we could choose where we wanted to sit, so we chose one of the sofas not too close to the door so we wouldn’t get a breeze if and when someone else came in. Anyway we sat down and the waiter gave us menus. We all chose a drink we wanted, I got a Masala Chai, Javi got a white chocolate tea and Tommy got a drink called Salep which is a traditional drink in Turkey and used to be thought of as an ‘Elixir of Love’. They also had Baklava on the menu so we ordered two plates of that to share.

By the time the drinks had arrived I had made myself very comfy on the sofa, I’d taken my shoes off (which to be honest I do in most places) and curled up in one of the blankets. We had found a small chest which had an assortment of hats inside so Tommy had started trying them on, and we were all just generally having a laugh. I completely forgot to take a picture of the drinks laid out on the table because we were all far to excited to start drinking them. Although you can see a picture of us with the drinks above. We had a great time in Mish Mish and I would recommend it to anyone who goes to Alicante!

La Tia Juana Restaurant.jpg

Another restaurant we visited was called La Tía Juana. It serves delicious Mexican food in an elaborately decorated restaurant. We noticed it early on in the week and decided we should go in for dinner at some point so on our last evening we went in for dinner.

The food was very tasty. We all ordered one of their flavoured waters to drink. I don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t what I got (this is not a bad thing). They were so tasty, mine was passion fruit and Tommy and Javi got strawberry. They each came with some fresh fruit as decoration as well, which of course we ate. We also ordered three different types of tacos and shared them. Again, I forgot to take a picture of the third plate as we were so hungry when it arrived we just wanted to dig in. But everything looked amazing and tasted fantastic!

Here are a few photos from inside the restaurant, it really was beautifully decorated!


Tommy asked if it was possible to buy a mask, but they were only there for decoration.
Our waiter allowed us to try on the mask though…

After doing shows we tended to eat lunch and then have a stroll along the beach, or wander around the city. Tommy and I are children at heart and love to find a park to play in, so when we saw a climbing frame on the beach we really didn’t have a choice and we jumped at the chance to have a bit more fun!

I think both of us were monkeys in another life! 

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