Happy New Year

Happy (Belated) New Year everyone!

I had a wonderful Christmas/Chanukah (now) last year, and a lovely New Year! I spent Christmas Day with my family at my Buba’s as I always do. Christmas Day included a lot this year: my Aunt and Uncle’s Pearl (30 years) Wedding Anniversary, the second night of Chanukah and of course Christmas! So the celebrations were endless. We all ate far too much food and talked late into the night. I had a wonderful day!

View from The Walkie Talkie
My Aunt had ordered tickets (THEY ARE FREE) to go up to the Sky Garden in the Walkie Talkie building in Central London, she and my cousins had been before so instead I went with my parents, my uncle and some other family members who were over from Israel. I highly recommend going! The views are fantastic! My uncle who has now been up both the The Shard and The Walkie Talkie building says that the views are better from The Walkie Talkie. Plus its free!

I also had a lovely relaxed New Year. I don’t normally do much for New Year because I don’t really see it as a massive thing. I normally stay at home with my parents and watch/listen to Big Ben strike midnight. This year instead of staying at home, I went to my friend Jocy’s house. We stayed in with her boyfriend and ate lots of food and drank piña coladas! It was lovely!

The moment I got back from Jocy’s on January 1st 2017 I had to add the last few videos to my Daily Video, do last minute editing and upload to YouTube. This is the second year I have done this. For those who don’t know, in 2014 I recorded a video clip (nearly) everyday and edited each clip to 1.5 seconds, put it all together and now I have a video which contains so many memories which I would’ve forgotten had it not been for the video.

Here is 2014’s Video:

I did the same in 2016, except the videos were slightly longer – 2 seconds! Here is 2016’s Video:

I think I will always enjoy watching my 2014 video more because it included some of the best moments of my life so far:

  • My last year of university
  • Rehearsals for The Jungle Book
  • Graduation
  • Trip of a lifetime to Israel

However, watching the 2016 video still feels amazing and includes some fantastic memories:

  • Living in Spain
  • Working as an actor
  • So many touristy things
  • One of the best summer holidays I have ever had



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