If I could describe Burgos in two words they would be; beautiful and cold!


Burgos is in the north of Spain and is a stunning city with a lot of things to do. Ryan (my current tour partner) and I visited the Cathedral (which is a world heritage site), the museum of human evolution, a monastery and just generally wandered around and admired the picturesque quality of the city.

The Cathedral of Burgos is absolutely gorgeous. We paid €4.50 (student price) for our tickets but the full price, €7.50, would have been worth it as the cathedral is massive!

Cathedral of Burgos
You get an audio guide for the tour of the cathedral as there are many chapels within. The construction of the cathedral started in 1221 and was completed in 1567 – although the works weren’t consistently ongoing through the whole period.

IMG_7525.JPGIMG_7550.JPGIMG_7554.JPGOne of the first thing I do when I go into Cathedrals and Churches is look up at the ceiling, because they are normally so beautifully decorated. Something that really struck me when we were inside this cathedral was the difference in the ceiling architecture in each chapel and the main parts of the cathedral. I assume this will have something to do with the time period as the styles between seem (at least to me) great!IMG_7526.JPGIMG_7532.JPGIMG_7557.JPGIMG_7566 copy.jpgIMG_7552.JPG

The Museum of Human Evolution
This place was incredible! I have never been in a museum like it. We were in there for roughly three hours. Some sections we obviously found more interesting than others but as a whole, I would highly recommend visiting! The museum opened in 2010 and has four floors each of which have a different subjects.

My favourite bit was statues in a circle showing the evolution 0f humans:

1.jpg2.jpg3.jpgI love being able to see the changes between each one. I could have looked around this particular section for hours!IMG_7621.JPGAnother section I particularly liked was about the human brain, what it can do and how it works! They had this giant ‘brain’ that you could walk inside and they used lights to show electrical impulses inside the brain!

I would definitely go back to this museum as I probably missed some bits without even realising!


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