Normally when we go on tour we stay in average hotels or hostels which have the essentials: a bed, a shower and wifi (most of the time). However, when I stayed in Yecla, I literally stayed in a castle.

Our beautiful castle!
This castle wasn’t a hotel, it was more like an apartment, so there were three bedrooms (two doubles and then a third with two single beds), one of which had an ensuite, a kitchen and a living room. Compared to what we are used to on tour, this was luxury!

I was lucky enough to have the room with the ensuite!
The area of Yecla was very pretty, but there wasn’t a huge amount to do because we were halfway up a mountain. However, the views were incredible, we watched the sunset one evening and met up with another actress and assistant from the company another evening.

We climbed this rock to get the views over Yecla
IMG_4091.jpgIMG_7323.JPGAnd climbed a different rock another night to catch the sunset:IMG_4102.jpgIMG_7344.JPGIMG_4105.jpgI love sunsets, they make me realise how big the world is and how small I am when you really think about it. As one person in a world of over seven billion people, I am really tiny. They also make me feel very peaceful, watching a sunset is very tranquil and beautiful.

We were also lucky enough to be in an absolutely gorgeous theatre!

IMG_4087 copy.jpg
Panoramic shot from the auditorium onto the stage

The ceiling of the theatre
I unfortunately lost my voice towards the end of this week, so my shows on Thursday were very croaky and another actress rescued me for my Friday shows by covering the three shows that were scheduled.


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