Paella and Dulce De Leche

The weekend of the 13th of February and Monday the 15th of February consisted of delicious food and all I can say is YUM!

The paella gang
On the 13th February we went for a delicious Paella in a little town called El Palmar which is famous for rice, and therefore the paella there is fantastic. Paella is an interesting topic when in Valencia because people can be quite snobby about it. Paella is from Valencia and so Valencian’s think you can only get good paella from Valencia. ‘Proper’ paella has rabbit and chicken in it, no other meat and definitely not fish or seafood. There will be vegetables in there as well, including white and green beans.

Our paella for seven people

On the 15th February we went to Dulce De Leche which literally translates to ‘sweet milk’. It was recommended to us for brunch so myself, Sonia and Kat had a lovely ‘ladies of leisure’ day. The restaurant is a chain and we went to the branch in an area called Ruzafa.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves:

Some of the ‘goodies’

Savoury as well as sweet

I had a pastry filled with chicken, a ganache cake and coffee

FRESH! orange juice
Everything you order is served on either a cork board or a wooden tree trunk style tray. I loved how quirky (and tasty) everything was!


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