Well what an absolutely fabulous week I had last week! We were based in Valdemoro which is only half an hour on the train to Madrid (which is where I currently am) and a 40 minute drive to a little town called Toledo which is where marzipan was first created! So, the reason my week was so easy was because we were in the same theatre all week and from Monday-Thursday we only had Once Upon A Time (8 in total) and then on Friday we had two D’Artagnans which meant everything was set up for us ready after the first show on Monday and we didn’t have to take any set away until we left on Friday! Also the hotel was only a five minute walk from the theatre!

One of my favourite parts about this week was that we FINALLY visited Toledo! I have been wanting to go to Toledo for ages as loads of people had said that it is beautiful, these people were not wrong. Toledo is famous for its sword making (of course, Carlton bought a small sword/dagger whilst we were there). The steel used is meant to be superior because it is ‘harder’. It is also famous for its marzipan (which we didn’t get around to trying. I was and I still am gutted about this). It is said to have been invented by some nuns in the Convent of San Clemente when they mixed almonds and sugar into a paste.

Entrance into The Old City of Toledo

A view over Toledo

Toledo Cathedral

Toledo seems to be a religiously mixed area with there being Churches, Mosques and Synagogues. I was very pleased that we got to wander around the Jewish Quarter, however, by the time we got to the Synagogues they were unfortunately shut, so I couldn’t go in. Here are a few pictures from the Jewish Quarter:

Small tiles placed in walls and the floor cobbles in the Jewish Quarter

Chanukah decoration?
I will have to go back to Toledo as I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to do, namely visit the synagogues and try marzipan!





4 thoughts on “Toledo

  1. I will just say one thing. THANKS. It was a pleasure to work and share with you these two weeks. you are a very lovely girl, very sweet and good person and best actress. The world needs more people like you. I hope to have an English friend for life, in fact, here’s a Spanish friend for what you need. Thanks.


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