So my first week back on tour was in a province of Alicante called Torrevieja. The week was very busy with 13 shows, 5 D’Artagnan, 4 Once Upon A Time, 2 Mary Frankenstein and 2 Final Answer. There wasn’t a huge amount to do in and around the area other than go down to the beach – which is where we ate lunch pretty much every day. The place seemed very English and quite ‘old’ as if people from England retired there. I have since discovered that Torrevieja has the largest number of British residents in Spain!

The shows were lovely! Two of my favourite moments were getting ‘tipped’ in chocolate money by one child (a little girl) after Once Upon A Time! After the last song she shouted out ‘Alice, Alice’ which is the name of my character, and handed me the chocolate with a big smile on her face. It was very sweet. The second thing I love this week was bringing a child with learning difficulties onto stage during D’Artagnan, during part of the Richelieu sequence! I changed my character a lot for this as my character is supposed to be nasty and evil, instead I became very positive and encouraging so the little boy, who was called Jose, enjoyed himself!

I also recorded our set up of Once Upon A Time at our venue on Friday, I have sped the footage up and put one of the songs from the show as a backing track. Here is the link – Set up of Once Upon A Time.


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