So I have been based in Valencia for the last two weeks, which has been lovely. No hotel rooms and not huge amounts of time travelling in the van, plus sleeping in my own bed! It has been great!

Week of the 30th November

We have had six ‘newbies’ arrive this week and I spent the week in Valencia with Clare, Harry and Rody performing the shows to public audiences with the new lot sitting at the back watching as well. I performed all five shows this week:

  • Once Upon A Time (about a magical story book)
  • D’Artagnan (about becoming a Musketeer)
  • Mary Frankenstein (about two students who try to remake Frankenstein by recreating some of the scenes from the original film)
  • The Final Answer (a quiz show where the audience choose the answer to the final question)
  • Edmund, Shakespeare’s Stupidest Brother (about Shakespeare’s ‘brother’ stealing the play Macbeth)

My favourite of the shows are Once Upon A Time and D’Artagnan. I love the age of the kids for these shows. They are always so enthusiastic and love the moments where we need volunteers to come onto stage! You are almost 100% guaranteed to have a good show with either of these shows. As long as you have energy and enjoy yourself the show will be brilliant!

I was in a company with Harry this week and I performed my first Edmund. This show isn’t booked very often so I literally haven’t performed it since rehearsals back in October. Harry and I arranged a short rehearsal just to go over blocking the day before and in the end the show went really well (although some of the music cues were not accurate). We had some fabulous volunteers (one of which made me corpse on stage and I hid my face behind the fan I was holding (subtly) – oh dear) who all read some of the witches lines from Macbeth. As much as the show went really well, both Harry and I agreed that we wanted to do the show again because we felt we could improve on things straight away. Apparently, there are only six more Edmund’s booked until the end of the season, so the likelihood is I will do one more.

Clare, Rody, Harry and myself all did some promo shots for the shows, so once the audience had left, we filmed some of the scenes from the shows, and had some character pictures taken!

After a brilliant of week of shows Sunday arrives and it is the First Night of Chanukah! Happy Chanukah everyone!

Week of the 7th December

We started the week off with ice-skating! I have to say, it hasn’t felt very Christmas-y in Valencia. I think that is mainly down to the temperature. It just isn’t that cold! Not that I am complaining!!! However, to get into the Christmas spirit we went to the ice-skating rink in one of the squares!


We all had a brilliant time, and I didn’t fall over, so I consider it successful!

The rest of the week I spent in rehearsals with the ‘newbies’ to help teach them the blocking for Once Upon A Time and Mary Frankenstein. They are picking up everything very quickly! It has been a hilarious week watching them come up with new ideas for characters and show off their creativity. I haven’t really stopped laughing. It was also nice to meet them properly and not just perform for them as I did last week.

I also tried my first ‘proper’ paella this week. Paella is said to be from Valencia and some of the assistants who we tour with will not let us order paella if we are out of Valencia. I think of them as being ‘paella snobs’ but I have to say, the paella I had on Wednesday was incredible!

Me with the paella that I shared with Sonia – this paella is shared between two people.
Paella should be served in the paella dish at the table. Apparently if your paella arrives on the table in under half an hour, it will not be fresh and will not be as good.

One of my favourite things about this week was being Skyped into a family Chanukah party. If I had been at home I would have been there, so it was lovely to have a chance to see some family members that I don’t see very often and have a quick chat! I did feel very jealous on the amount of food I missed out on though. I also Skyped my little cousin Rachel (she is 7) yesterday which was brilliant. She had a ballet exam in the morning which went very well according to her, and she also told me all about the production of Wind in the Willows that she is going to be in, as the part of Mole. The performance is in May, but I don’t think I will be back in the UK in time to see it which is a shame. As much as I love being out here, I do miss seeing my family and friends.

I am looking forward to flying home in just over a week. It will be nice to catch up with everyone and give everyone Chanukah/Christmas presents. But before I fly, I have nine more shows!

The count-down to landing in the UK has started…



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