The stage in Valdepeñas. We only used about a quarter of the stage, and still had plenty of room
I have had a brilliant week! I have had two days off (although we did travel to location on those days) and then three days of performance. So on Monday we travelled to Valdepeñas, unfortunately we didn’t see much of it as we arrived late, did the shows the next morning and then left again. However, the shows went very well in a MASSIVE theatre. Our first show had 700 children in it, and the second had about 500. It was crazily big. The stage was ginormous.

In front of the Churro place. Man in blue is Javi, one of the assistants from the company.

On Thursday afternoon, we arrived in Madrid. We went straight out for lunch to a place called Nief. It was a very quirky place where I can imagine ‘hipsters’ to go. It was a lovely atmosphere though and the food was delicious. I started with a quesadilla and then had a smoked salmon wrap. We also went out for drinks, tapas and churros later on in the evening. Churros are apparently (according to the Spanish anyway) the best in Madrid, so we went to a famous Churro place called Chocolatería San Ginés. The churros were fantastic. You dip them in a very generous cup of chocolate, or chocolate with milk mixed in. You can also get something called porras, which are bigger versions made with the same mixture as churros but aren’t so crisp. Both are delicious.

The ‘Dwarf-y’ Dance with all the children – Once Upon A Time
We then had performances in Madrid on Friday. Two were at one school and the third was at a different school. The third show was Once Upon A Time which is our youngest show, and we performed to children with learning difficulties and special needs. The show went brilliantly. The space was just a gym hall so we were on the same level as the kids, who were sitting on the floor. The kids got so into it though and slowly started moving forward and trying to ‘grab’ us as we got close to them. This was mainly the girls who wanted my character’s (Alice) attention. By the end of the show after the last song, I got bombarded by children who came up to hug me and I ended up in the middle massive group hug surrounded by children! It was brilliant to know that they had enjoyed themselves so much! It was an incredible feeling.

To top this wonderful week off, a lovely Skype catch up with my friend Jocy, ended up with us booking a Christmas holiday to Germany to see the Christmas Markets in Berlin! I cannot believe we have booked and it is less than a month away!



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