Segovia and L’Oceanographic

A panoramic picture of the view from near the Palace in Segovia.
So last week we toured around and stayed in Alcazar De San Juan and then Illescas. However, we had one performance in Segovia, and explored the area after the shows. Segovia, it turns out, is beautiful. We didn’t spend long wandering around after the shows, but we did see a couple of sites.


We visited the Cathedral which is magnificent. It was very big, and I enjoyed wandering around seeing all the detail. It really struck me how the Cathedral was built so long ago (finished in 1577), but they didn’t have the technology to help them with the construction as we have today. It was absolutely vast inside, with smaller chambers off to the sides with various different statues, clothes and pictures, etc inside.




We also saw the Palace in Segovia. Unfortunately it was closing as we got there so we couldn’t go in. But the Palace itself looked very impressive from the outside. IMG_6637.JPG


The City of Arts and Sciences

I also visited the L’Oceanographic again which is in the City of Arts and Sciences. I visited on my first weekend but didn’t manage to see everything before it closed. There is so much to see there, you really do need a whole day to see everything. I love aquariums, and this is by far one of the best ones I have been to. I am never sure how I feel about some aspects of aquariums in terms of how the animals are treated and the amount of space they have to swim around in. Some of the animals, I think, had a reasonable amount of space, however, the whales for example, could’ve done with more water to swim around in. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed my visit to L’Oceanographic.


IMG_6214 copy.JPG
From the dolphin show

One of my favourite pictures

IMG_6659 copy.JPG
These cute little ducks were ‘waddling’ through people’s legs in the bird enclosure
One of my favourite parts of L’Oceanographic was seeing the walruses play. They seemed so happy and free playing about in the water. I didn’t manage to take many pictures of them because they moved so quickly, but I took some brilliant video footage of them swimming about.

IMG_6688.JPGAnd of course we ate at L’Oceanographic as well. There were a couple of restaurants to choose from, including an underwater restaurant. We ended up at a place above ground! I really fancied Surf ‘n’ Turf which they luckily had. It was delicious!


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