Three Months!

I have now been in Spain for nearly three months!? How did that happen!?

I have been on tour for six weeks and have visited some wonderful places and eaten some great food.

Some of the places I have visited so far:

  • Ávila
  • Denia
  • Massamagrell
  • Vitoria (twice)
  • Soto Del Real (with a day trip to Madrid)
  • Catral
  • Illescas (where I currently am)



Ávila was my first week of tour, and I was struck by the beauty of the city. The town walls of Avila are still complete, which is apparently really unusual – for example, in Valencia, the walls are not complete. I also tried some traditional food from Ávila as well – Yemas and Patatas Revolconas.


This is Harry and I eating the patatas revolconas. It is mashed potato flavoured with paprika and garlic. It was delicious!


I also tried Yemas which reminded me of marzipan, but aren’t marzipan. They are made from egg yolks, lemon, cinnamon and lots of sugar! They were also very yummy. They are typically eaten with a cup of coffee.


I have also visited the Basque Country a few times, but I have been to a place called Vitoria twice, on two separate weeks. I really enjoyed Vitoria both times because firstly there was a lot to see, and also there were a lot of shops!

There is a art museum in Vitoria called Artium which I found very interesting and visited on both occasions we were in Vitoria. Some of the art I really liked and found interesting or thought provoking, other bits I really didn’t appreciate.



I really loved this particular room of the museum and spent quite a long time in there. This was a broken piano hanging from the ceiling with all the parts of said piano on the floor in front. A video of children playing the piano was also projected onto the wall.
IMG_6356.JPGCarlton and I went out exploring Vitoria and we stumbled across a small chocolate shop. It was absolutely pouring with rain and so we decided to pop in to the shop to try a traditional cake and dry off a bit. I cannot explain the incredible smell of chocolate that hit us upon entering the shop. I was completely taken aback. The cake was a cross between a biscuit and a scone and then covered in chocolate – what’s not to like?!

The chocolate shop seemed to be owned by this little old man who didn’t speak a word of English, and as we don’t speak much Spanish yet, it was interesting. The assistant we had that week was Albert, and it was his birthday on the day we travelled to Vitoria, so we decided to buy him a cake, and somehow managed to ask the lovely man (in I am sure terrible and broken Spanish – and a lot of hand gestures) if he could write ‘Albert’ on one of the cakes in white chocolate as a birthday present. When we gave Albert the cake he was very thankful to us, and carried on talking about the cake, and saying ‘we didn’t have to do that’ for the next few hours. It was very sweet. It put a smile on all of our faces.

This is the cathedral (at a distance) in Vitoria.
There was so much to see and do in Vitoria, I cannot explain it all. But, even though I have been twice, I wouldn’t mind going back!

Soto Del Real

Soto Del Real is about an hour from Madrid, and I thought was a really beautiful little town. There wasn’t a huge amount to do but the town was so pretty I felt like I could wander around for quite a long time just looking at everything. I imagine it would look even more stunning covered in a light layer of snow.

IMG_6467.JPG IMG_6468.JPG

IMG_6474.JPGCarlton and I stopped in what seemed like quite a modern tea shop! A tea shop, I should say, without English tea. From the decor in there it was trying to be quite ‘cosmopolitan’ with photos of New York on the walls. However, we enjoyed a nice crepe and chai latte in there.


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