46 days and counting…

Graduation So graduation was a year ago today. I don’t know where the year went! University seems both so long ago and just like yesterday. I miss spending all my time with my friends, acting in shows constantly and feeling like I am in a safe creative environment. Don’t get me wrong, I feel like I have accomplished a lot over the year I have been free from education for the first time in seventeen years!

  • I got a job in retail, selling jewellery (and watches) and I’m pretty good at it!
  • I went to Israel on an amazing adventure and met some incredible people
  • I went to Morocco on a brilliant holiday with my childhood best friend (Sarvie)
  • I started my acting career with a massive corporate gig at the ExCeL Centre in London
  • I have filmed three short films and been in a few plays
  • I have been on countless auditions and had many rejections
  • And the best thing of all, I have landed an acting job which has a 9 month contract… IN SPAIN.

So here it is… This is the start of my Spanish Adventure. I fly out to Valencia in 46 days to start rehearsals for a company called Forum Theatre and Education. Bring it on!


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