Acting; this year so far

So I finally got myself an agent and have also booked a few jobs! I started my year with another Theatre in Education tour, with a company called Theatre ADAD. We toured two plays, one about drugs (I got to play the drug dealer, it was a lot of fun) and another about domestic violence. … Continue reading Acting; this year so far

Dog Sitting – Adopt, Don’t Shop!

I recently had the absolute privilege of looking after my friend Jocy's rescue puppy, Juno. Juno is just over a year old and is a rescue from Romania. Jocy and her fiancé Stuart found out about a UK based charity in Romania called Barking Mad Dog Rescue (check out their cute doggos here), and decided … Continue reading Dog Sitting – Adopt, Don’t Shop!


2018 brought the biggest change of my life. My Dad died. He had been ill for a while, with the dreaded C word that is cancer, but I didn't know it was terminal until the last week or so of his life. He died on September 4th 2018 aged 67 - far too young. This was … Continue reading Change